Best in Class

These six members of the Women’s Basketball team made the honor roll during the fall semester. Each was named to either the President’s List or Provost’s List. They are (left to right): Nadia Diaz from the Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central, Katelyn Karleski from Westhill HS, Karleigh Wucher from Onondaga Central HS, Sydni Eure from East Syracuse Minoa HS, Kelsey Brown from Scotia-Glenville HS and Holly Sleeth from Liverpool HS.

Onondaga Community College student-athletes had an outstanding fall semester in the classroom. Dozens of students achieved honor roll status and were named to either the President’s List (grade point average between 3.70 and 4.0) or the Provost’s List (grade point average between 3.40 and 3.69). Six members of the Women’s Basketball team were among those recognized and half of them achieved perfect 4.0 grade point averages.

“We are so proud of our student-athletes who work so hard both in the classroom and on the playing fields. Their success is a testament to their perseverance and the outstanding support staff we have here at Onondaga which is dedicated to helping our student athletes succeed,” said OCC Athletics Director Mike Borsz.

A complete list of high achieving student-athletes is below. Congratulations to all!



  • Ty Abell
  • Joseph Burry
  • Cameron Curtis
  • Bryce Guernsey


Cross Country

  • Michael Laszlo



  • Aaron Deluca


Men’s Basketball

  • Nathan Abdo
  • Liam Stewart


Men’s Lacrosse

  • Michael Brandow
  • Petey Maxwell
  • Kyle Worsley


Men’s Soccer

  • David Pinker
  • Liam Raaen
  • Manuel Silva


Men’s Tennis

  • Nicholas Jerome
  • Juan Perez Castro



  • Delanie Alberici
  • Natalie Durocher



  • Armando Adrian
  • Michael Laszlo



  • Lauren Burbidge
  • Devan Burritt
  • Maggie Prusinowski


Women’s Basketball

  • Kelsey Brown
  • Nadia Diaz
  • Sydni Eure
  • Katelyn Karleski
  • Holly Sleeth
  • Karleigh Wucher


Women’s Lacrosse

  • Marguerite Cuddy
  • Samantha Dixon
  • Katelyn Karleski
  • Holly Sleeth


Women’s Soccer

  • Caitlin Barry
  • Elena Fecco
  • Rachel Greene
  • Claire Maring
  • Leah Pawlewicz
  • Augustine Wait
  • Erica Weber


Women’s Tennis

  • Jordan Cole
  • Jennifer Lapp
  • Kathryn Lesselroth

Chalk Art

Jess Hodkinson works on her chalk portrait in the Lazer Lounge.
Jess Hodkinson works on a chalk portrait in the Lazer Lounge.

Her work makes you stop and stare in amazement. Jess Hodkinson loves to draw. Her high-profile canvas is a column near the main windows at the front of the new Lazer Lounge on the first floor of the Gordon Student Center. The lower part of the column is covered with blackboard paint. That’s where Hodkinson creates art with chalk. Her drawings are so good people frequently admire them as they pass by. “It makes me really happy to see people enjoy my work. I think it’s cool when people take an interest.”

Hodkinson’s chalk artistry started last semester in the old student lounge which also had blackboard paint on the columns. “I would take a picture of someone in the room and draw them. People would tell me, ‘You’re really good. Will you draw one of me?’”

The Mona Lisa in chalk.
The Mona Lisa in chalk.

Her first drawing this semester was the Mona Lisa. Now she’s working on another portrait just below her initial masterpiece. “I saw a picture of a girl on the internet. I thought she was really pretty so I decided to draw her.”

Hoskindon is a 2014 graduate of Westhill High School who is majoring in Art. Her interest in drawing started at an early age. “I took art classes in the summer when I was a kid. I loved to watch Pappy Drewitt (an artist in a 1990s children’s television show). Around 6th or 7th grade I started keeping a sketchbook and my focus really shifted toward doing something with art.”

Hodkinson’s goal is to work in animation. She loves the work of animator David Firth and hopes to follow in his footsteps one day. “He’s my biggest inspiration. He has a very unique style and he’s also a voice actor and a musician. He does a lot with his life and I’d love to do a lot with my life.”