Keith Hale

Keith Hale
  • Major: Electrical Technology
  • High School: Desert Pines in Las Vegas, class of 2007

Keith Hale has changed addresses 15 times in the last 10 years. After a decade on the move he’s found a home and the start of a career thanks to OCC’s Electrical Technology program. He’s doing an internship at Nucor Steel in Auburn and is hoping to work there after earning his degree in December. “They’re an amazing company and I wouldn’t be there without my Electrical Technology class. They approached the school looking for people because a lot of the equipment we use in my Problem Logic Controller class was donated by Nucor.”

Keith Hale (in orange helmet and orange shirt) stands between Congressman John Katko (left) and Vice President Mike Pence (right) at Nucor Steel June 21, 2018.

Hale graduated from Desert Pines High School in Las Vegas in 2007. A year later he enlisted in the United States Army and was shipped to Fort Bragg in North Carolina. In 2010 he was stationed at Fort Drum in northern New York. Hale did three deployments to Afghanistan before being honorably discharged in 2016.

A previous relationship brought Hale to Central New York where he began taking classes at OCC in the fall of 2016. Since his first semester on campus, he’s taken advantage of services offered by the Veterans’ office in Coulter hall. “Everything there has been done on time and correctly. Whenever I’ve needed to access my benefits, they’ve been there.”

Hale began interning at Nucor Steel in the summer of 2018, working where they melt down scrap metal. His internship went so well he continued with it during the fall semester. “You’re never done learning there. Once you’ve mastered everything they give you harder stuff to do. I’d like to get hired by them as an electrical technician after I earn my degree.”