SUNY CUAD Award Winners

Onondaga made a strong showing at the annual State University of New York Council on University Advancement (SUNYCUAD) conference in June. SUNYCUAD represents professionals in a cross-section of advancement areas at every SUNY campus. Their skill sets encompass a broad range of responsibilities, from publications and web page maintenance to alumni relations, marketing and development.

SUNYCUADAwardOnondaga’s Susan Tormey and Nicole Schlater earned “Best of Category” recognition for a community relations programs related to the restoration and rededication of the General John A. Ellis Cemetery. Tormey is the Assistant to the Vice President for Human Resources and External Relations. Schlater is an Associate Vice President for Research and Grants.

Amanda Pendock earned a “Judge’s Citation” for a student recruitment package she created titled “Your Life. Your Future. Your Onondaga.” Pendock is a Graphics Coordinator in the Marketing Department.

Amy Kremenek and Roger Mirabito were awarded a “Judge’s Citation” in the category of Media Relations for their strategy and results connected to the arrival of new Onondaga President Dr. Casey Crabill. Kremenek is the Vice President of Human Resources and External Relations. Mirabito is a Communications Coordinator.