Quentin Curry

  • Major: Mathematics & Science
  • HS: Jamesville-Dewitt, Class of 2016

A conversation Quentin Curry had with his father more than a decade ago set him on his career path. “He saw the engineering field growing and knew math and science would be very important in the future. He told me I needed to be ahead of the curve. Through the years he would keep talking about it and I would keep seeing what was happening.”

Curry had a “C” average through high school but believed he could be a better student. He decided to come to OCC and see what he was capable of. “I knew I needed to get myself together. I wasn’t going to go somewhere and pay too much money.”

Curry spent his first year commuting to campus. He struggled initially but survived. As his sophomore year approached, Curry made the decision to move into a residence hall and be part of the STEM Living Learning Community. His grades improved as he continued his steady diet of math and science classes. “When I started here I wasn’t as put together as I am now. I’m more organized now.”

Curry found an inspirational professor in Garth Tyszka who he took Calculus I and II from. “He’s so passionate, very straightforward and intelligent. He really enjoys talking about what he teaches. He wants to keep everyone engaged and can answer every detailed question we ask. He has made me push myself.”

In the fall Curry plans to enroll at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Albany where he will pursue a degree in nanoscience. His goal is to become a scientist doing bio-related research.