Student Honors

TOP OF STORY Student Honors 031

OCC honored many of its best and brightest Wednesday night during the Student Honors ceremony in Storer Auditorium. Faculty members singled out the top students in each of the College’s majors. Curriculum Honor Awards were presented to the following students:

  • Accounting                                                                                    Frances Klaiber
  • American Sign Language                                                            Joshua Ambrose
  • Architectural Technology                                                           Matthew Romano
  • Art                                                                                                    Gregory Minix
  • Automotive Technology                                                              Charles Miller
  • Business Administration                                                             Nicholas Claver
  • Business Technology                                                                    Tina Salsbery
  • Computer Information Systems                                                Karen Gonyea
  • Computer Science                                                                         Anatoliy Dinis
  • Criminal Justice and Public Safety                                            Micah Keach
  • Electronic Media Communications                                           Jade Lewis
  • Emergency Management                                                             Leighann Bulich
  • Engineering Science                                                                      Molly Adams
  • Environmental Technology                                                          Jennifer Miranda
  • Fire Protection Technology                                                          Katelyn Schroeder
  • Health Information Technology/Medical Records                 Tara Curley
  • Hospitality Management                                                              Chanhvone Xaysanavongpeth
  • Hospitality Management                                                              Mark Bennett
  • Human Services                                                                             Ashlyn Leonard
  • Interior Design Technology                                                         Tsai-Yuan Liu
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescent Education                       Mary Sorensen
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education                        Pearl Fischer
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education             Cecelia Clark
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences: General Studies                                  Olivia Onoff
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences     Toni Jones
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics and Science                Ahmad Salah
  • Mechanical Technology                                                               Aaron Fleming
  • Music                                                                                               Darci Prentice
  • Nuclear Technology                                                                     William Quigley
  • Nursing                                                                                           Stacey Boettcher
  • Photography                                                                                  Joanna Goncalves
  • Physical Education & Exercise Science Studies                      Thomas Benedict
  • Physical Therapist Assistant                                                       Elisabeth Bialczak
  • Professional Communication                                                     Jennifer Riddle
  • Surgical Technology Assistant, CERT                                      Sarah Turner
  • Telecommunications Technology – Verizon                           Joel Glimpse
Toni Jones (left) receives one of two awards from OCC President Dr. Casey Crabill.
Toni Jones (left) receives one of her two awards from OCC President Dr. Casey Crabill.

A series of awards were also presented to students who achieved excellence on local, regional and national levels. Those winners and the awards they received were:

  • Civic Engagement Recognition Award             Yezenia Rodriguez
  • Outstanding Service-Learning Award              Shanesha Menzies


SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence

  • Leighann Bulich, Toni Jones, Jade Lewis, Daniel Quackenbush, Iga Szczepanik


President’s Volunteer Service Award “Silver Level”

  • Individual – Leon Porcello
  • Team: Rita Brush, Shaowen Cheng, Lindsy Coon, Kaylee Hartley, Kira Kelley, Joshua McGinley, Hannah Rhodes


All-New York State Academic Awards

  • First Team                Iga Szczepanik
  • Second Team           Leighann Bulich

Student Honors attendees were treated to outstanding musical performances by Music major and Soprano Katherine C. Joslyn who was accompanied by Dr. Kevin Moore on the piano. They collaborated on the National Anthem, Mozart’s Una donna a quindici anni from Cosi fan tutte and the OCC Alma Mater.

Soprano Katherine C. Joslyn performs while accompanied by Dr. Kevin Moore.
Soprano Katherine C. Joslyn performed while accompanied by Dr. Kevin Moore.