Sam Stetson

Sam Stetson
  • Major at OCC: Business Technology with a minor in Communications
  • High School: Central Square, class of 2016

Sam is President of the Student Association and she likes to get things done. “I’ve always been involved. I take after my mother. We have the same kind of personality. I feel like if nobody is stepping up to do something I may as well be the one.”

During her senior year at Central Square High School Sam was Co-President of Student Government and President of DECA, an international association of high school and college students and teachers of marketing, management and entrepreneurship in business, finance, hospitality, and marketing sales and service. “In the state competition I competed against 90 other people and took 10th place. It was a great experience.”

Samantha volunteered at Onondaga’s Day of Service October 13.

Sam credits the Business teachers at Central Square with helping her figure out her strengths. “I’m not good at math and science and I didn’t want to go to college originally. They helped me become interested in business. I had such a good experience with DECA I decided to choose a business major.”

DECA also prepared Sam for going through the job interview process. It worked so well she has part time jobs at both Panera in Fairmount and Fish FINatics in East Syracuse. She’s also a full time student and a member of OCC’s Business Club. “Professor Kristen Costello has been amazing. She’s the advisor for the Business Administration program and the Business Club. She has always helped me with my schedule and other things. She’s helped me more than she’s needed to.”

As President of the Student Association, Sam plans to work on creating motorcycle parking for students and smoking huts for people who want to smoke on campus. She will earn her degree next May. Sam’s goal is to work in the court system.