The Advice You Need to Ace Your Midterms

Midterms are Coming Photo

Midterms are coming! We want to make sure you’re ready to get the grade you’ve been working towards. Here are our top pieces of advice for midterm exams and assignment.

1. Ask Your Professor What to Focus On

It sounds like a no brainer. But we’ve found that students tend to overlook asking, “What’s going to be on the exam?” Asking this crucial question will help you to focus on the subject matter that’s most important when studying.

2. Form a Study Group

It’s scientifically proven; working in groups helps people learn information more easily. Form a study group with people in your class and hit the books to study material. You can utilize the Learning Center in the Gordon Student Center to help form your study group. They can also help you with good study group strategies to get the most out of them. (Spoiler Alert: You actually need to do some studying when in a study group)

3. Highlight the Important Things in Your Notes/Textbook

Identifying the important things from your notes/textbooks is an ideal way to study the things for the class that matters the most. How do you determine what to highlight from a textbook? A good rule of thumb is if the professor brings it up in class it’s probably pretty important. As for notes, if the professor mentions something in class more than one time or spends a lot of time on a particular topic, you can bet it’ll be important.

4. Visit the Learning Center

The Learning Center in the Gordon Student Center can help you prepare for your midterm exam or assist in your midterm assignment. The won’t do the work for you, but they can help you better understand the course material and aid you in writing papers for classes. You can schedule your appointment by visiting The Learning Center website.