Chidera Joseph

TOP OF STORY Chidera JosephChidera Joseph dreams of returning to her home country of Nigeria and using her education to help people learn how to empower themselves. “The job of a woman there is to be pretty, get married and have children. I want to create a program that will help females at a very young age learn to own their own business and be career driven so they’ll be able to stand up for themselves and speak for themselves.”

Joseph’s inspiration is her own difficult childhood. She was orphaned at a young age by the death of her parents. In 2007 at the age of 11, Joseph moved to the United States with her brother. They were adopted by their aunt, a chemistry teacher at Nottingham who Joseph now refers to as her mother. “From the moment we arrived she told us the value of learning the English language. She bought us ‘Hooked on Phonics’ and constantly reminded us what we needed to do.”

Joseph graduated from Jamesville-Dewitt High School in 2014 and came to OCC that fall. Today she’s a Business Administration major and is on track to graduate in May 2016. She’s also involved in both the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement and in the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (C-STEP).  “I’ve enjoyed my time here. OCC is a really good school. You have to make the best of your opportunities. The professors here challenge you to think for yourself, analyze information and work on your critical thinking skills.”

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