Student Sets World Record

Osman Hassan proudly displays his Guiness Book of World Records certificate.

Onondaga Community College student Osman Hassan is the proud owner of a share of a world record. Earlier this year Hassan and 24 teammates combined to set the world record for the greatest distance on a kick or push scooter during a 24 hour period. They traveled 1,630.49 miles during the marathon event in Gorham, Maine August 17 and 18. “There was so much joy! We felt like we accomplished something,” he said.

Osman Hassan

Hassan’s team was named “Wheeling for the World” and all of its members were part of the Seeds of Peace leadership organization which brings youth and educators from areas of conflict to its camp in Maine. The Wheeling for the World team was made up of campers and counselors from eight different countries. Hassan, who was born in Somalia and is now a United States citizen, had attended Seeds of Peace camp previously and said it had a profound impact on his life. “I became more open towards people and stopped living in the shadows. It really made a difference in my life when I started connecting with people and seeing how much we all had in common.”

Wheeling for the World team members strategized the best way to set the record. They broke up into four different teams that operated in 60 minute intervals. Two teams were always riding and two teams were always resting. “It was really exhausting. During each hour when I wasn’t riding I was able to get 30 minutes of sleep. It was enough rest so I never collapsed.”

Congratulations to Osman Hassan and fellow members of the Wheeling for the World team!

Hassan has a remarkable life story which he shared with the campus community last year. You can read it here.

The exhausted but proud Wheeling for the World team. Hassan is kneeling in the front row just to the right of the scooters.