Ryan Case

Ryan Case
Ryan Case
  • High School: Dolgeville, Class of 2015
  • Major at OCC: Music with a specialization in Piano

Music was always Ryan Case’s destiny. From the moment his parents met at music camp the sounds of music would forever fill their lives. His father, Mark played the trombone. His mother, Carol played the bassoon. They married and raised three sons. Music was a constant in the household. “My parents wanted us to have music in our lives,” Case said. “We each picked out an instrument for ourselves.”

Case chose the piano and began taking lessons in 2nd grade. By the time he reached 9th grade he was helping teach fellow classmates music parts in various ensembles. Case plays other instruments (trombone and euphonium) and sings (he’s a bass). He’s grateful for the numerous opportunities he received in high school. Two years later his piano teacher, Linda Carpenter told him she had gone as far as she could with him. He needed to find someone else to take lessons from.

During Case’s junior year at Dolgeville High School he attended a master class at Herkimer High School with other students from the Mohawk Valley. OCC Music Professors Rob Bridge and David Rudari were there and Case struck up a conversation with them. “I told them I was interested in attending OCC and needed a piano teacher. They told me about Dr. Kevin Moore at OCC and gave me his contact information.”

A short time later Case found himself driving to OCC for lessons with Dr. Moore. “The first lesson I had with him I was like, ‘Wow! He’s good!’” Case would make the trip every other week. With each lesson and the time he was putting in between lessons he was blossoming as a pianist.

In the fall of 2015 Case enrolled at OCC. He began taking classes tuition-free thanks to the Frederick Marvin Scholarship. Marvin is a world renowned concert pianist who gave the OCC Foundation $25,000 with the request that the money be used for scholarships for Music majors specializing in piano. Case had the opportunity to meet Marvin during his first semester on campus.

During his time at OCC Case has been an outstanding student, earning membership in international honor society Phi Theta Kappa. He’s grateful for OCC’s Music department and the impact faculty has had on his growth. “The professors here are wonderful. They’ve helped me so much with everything. I’m so impressed with the entire department and how much they care about students.”

Case will earn his degree in May 2017. He plans to transfer to either SUNY Potsdam or Roberts Wesleyan and major in music education. Case will follow his father’s footsteps into the world of teaching. Mark Case is a music teacher in the Dolgeville School District.

Case would like to thank the Dolgeville School District for helping him build a strong foundation. He’s especially grateful to Choir Director Bethany Colenzo who gave him opportunities to teach choir classes, parts and accompany the choir on piano. He also wants to thanks his father who was his Band Director and allowed him to direct the band. Case is also grateful to elementary Choir Director Leslie Kubica and elementary Band Director Katlin Wolford who gave him opportunities to work with children. “All of these teachers gave me experiences in music education. I thank them and the Dolgeville Central School Administration and Staff for supporting me!”