Processing Degrees

Students in the Foundations Transitions Program who assembled diplomas for commencement are (left to right) Zakrey Bissell, Jaykle Johnson, Brooke Woodrow and Jessica Tucci.

It takes the entire campus community to make commencement happen. Students in the Foundations Transitions Program have contributed to the success of the ceremony. Last week students inserted certificates into each of the nearly 1,000 diplomas which will be handed out at commencement. They completed the task in four hours. “These students are such good workers. You explain it to them once and they get the job done,” said Donna Ancilloti, Program Coordinator for the Foundations Transition Program.

Zakery Bissell, Jaykle Johnson, Jessica Tucci and Brooke Woodrow are community pre-vocational students who, along with their classmates, spend their afternoons working in the community at places like the Rescue Mission, a Thrifty Shopper and an outreach center on Gifford Street. “They’re a great group and it’s really amazing the work they do,” said Ancilloti. “Everything these students do is something they can put on their resume and help them become more employable.”

From the entire campus community, “Thank You” to the students in the Foundations Transition Program!