Leighann Bulich

Leighann Bulich’s life is organized down to the minute. It has to be with everything she has going on. Bulich is an Emergency Management major with an Honors minor who will earn her associate degree in just three semesters. She’s had a significant course load each semester including 21 credits in the fall 2015 semester. Bulich is also an RA and a certified emergency medical technician (EMT). How does she do it all? “My mom has always been organized and it comes very natural to me. I’m a planner. I have everything color coded. I’m good at planning for the week ahead and getting all of my assignments done.”

Bulich came to OCC from Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School (60 miles north of Albany) where she was a member of the class of 2014. During that summer she completed qualifications to become a certified EMT. Throughout high school she had been a junior member of the West Glens Falls Emergency Squad. Her love of emergency services and business brought her to Central New York. “I chose Emergency Management at OCC because this is the only college in the state outside of New York City that offers a hands-on course.”

Bulich’s has gotten the most of her OCC experience. “I love the Emergency Management major. We have a close-knit group. Doug Whittaker is a phenomenal instructor.” Whittaker coordinates the College’s Emergency Management and Fire Protection Technology programs.

Bulich has also fit right in with the College’s chapter of international honor society Phi Theta Kappa and the Honors minor. “Being involved with the Honors program and Jackie Barstow (the program coordinator) has made a huge difference in my experience here. I love being in Phi Theta Kappa.” This semester Bulich is PTK’s Vice President for Service.

Bulich plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management. Her career goals include becoming an Emergency Manager at a V-A Hospital and ultimately a management position with FEMA.