Presidential Campaign on Wheels

The C-SPAN bus parked next to the Whitney Applied Technology Center.
The C-SPAN bus parked next to the Whitney Applied Technology Center.

The C-SPAN Bus visited the OCC campus Wednesday, September 21. The million dollar bus is used for educational outreach. It’s on a marketing tour of New York State as it makes its way to Hofstra University on Long Island, scene of next Monday night’s Presidential debate.

C-SPAN stands for Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network. It televises federal government proceedings as well as other public affairs programming. C-SPAN consists of three television channels, one radio station and website

Members of the campus community who boarded the bus were able to utilize interactive zones and touch screens, have access to C-SPAN’s video library and see an area in the back of the bus where Presidential candidates have done live interviews. “It was amazing to see the turnout here and see students come out and be interested in politics,” said C-SPAN’s Jenae Green.

One of those interested students was Jessica Rivera, a Hospitality Management major from Syracuse’s Fowler High School. “It was pretty neat in there. I really liked it. Following Presidential politics is a new experience for me.” Next to the bus members of OCC’s Politics Club were signing up students to vote. After touring the bus Rivera registered for the upcoming election. “I think it’s important for people to register to vote,” said Alicia Willenborg, a member of the Politics Club and a Humanities major from Marcellus High School. “I’m pretty excited about the race. It will be interesting to see what the turnout will be.”

The C-SPAN Bus will visit schools in Albany Thursday and New York City Friday before heading to Long Island. We thank C-SPAN for choosing to bring its bus to OCC!

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C-SPAN Bus Coming to Campus

TOP OF STORY C-SPAN Bus Photo next to River

The road to the White House is winding through the OCC Campus!

The C-SPAN Bus will be on campus Wednesday, September 21 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The bus is an interactive, multi-media learning center that brings C-SPAN’s coverage of public affairs to communities nationwide and teaches students, teachers and the public how to follow Washington Your Way.  The C-SPAN Bus invites visitors to learn about C-SPAN’s Campaign 2016 coverage through a campaign app which allows visitors to explore potential presidential candidates, events, and footage from the campaign trail. In addition, through interactive exhibits, you can learn about the public affairs network’s programs and resources, including its in-depth coverage of the U.S. Congress, White House, federal courts, and the American political process.

The C-SPAN Bus will be parked in Lazer Lot 13 in front of the Whitney Applied Technology Center. You can watch a video of the bus in action here.

We thank C-SPAN for choosing OCC!  Students, faculty, classes, and the community are invited to stop by and become more educated and involved in our political process.