5 Helpful Tips for Student Commuters

Tips to Commuting Photo (1000px)Tomorrow is the first day of classes! For commuting students, between homework, studying, and commute time, we tend to drag ourselves thin. Here are a few helpful tips on how to overcome the “Commuters Drag!” 

1.    Obviously, Coffee!

It’s the devil’s nectar! It gets your morning kick-started, and in some cases, wakes you up, especially when you “forgot” to write that essay that’s due at 8 A.M.

2.  Take a different route to get here!

Believe it or not, there are different routes to get to OCC, from whatever direction you are coming. If you take the same route to and from OCC, every day, you will get bored very quickly. Take a different route, changing up your surroundings tends to keep you more alert, and awake behind the wheel. It can also help you avoid those hills in winter!

3.  Jam out!

This is one of the best things to do in the morning, especially if you car pool. Jam out to your favorite songs, listen to the Elvis Duran Phone Tap, or even catch up on the latest Kardashian drama!

4. Carpool!

I don’t carpool, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some friends to ride into school with. If you are like me, you probably have some friends that would definitely do more than keep you awake in the morning.

5. Finally, I think that we can all agree that 8 A.M. classes are a struggle for commuters.

Some ideas, to overcome that struggle, could be to get your textbook as an audiobook (for free, obviously) so you can listen to it during your commute in. You could also get to know your class mates well so that if you end up running late, you can shoot them a text, so they can let the professor know.

On a side note, Onondaga Community College offers assistance finding transportation, if you are having trouble getting to campus. For help with that, you can visit the Community Care Hub in the basement of Gordon.