Seph’s Survival Guide to College Living – Packing for Success

My name is Seph, and I’m a Computer Science geek living on-campus in Residence Hall B. This is my third semester at Onondaga Community College, and compared to how I was when I first enrolled here, I’ve figured out the dos and don’ts of living on campus. Let’s our series with the topic of packing!

While there is a packing list on the website, with suggested materials to bring to the residence halls on your first day, I prefer to use my own list. Having been in most of the halls over the semesters, I have a short list of the essentials that every student should own:

There’s no such thing as over-packing for college.

  • Personal food utensils. I’m talking plate and bowl here, fine china (or go cheap and get a set from the dollar store). While you can get away with plastic forks and spoons from the cafeteria, nothing beats having a sturdy plate for that leftover pizza in the fridge, or a bowl of cereal at midnight. Something easy to wash and dry, that can be shoved into a cupboard until needed. And if you’re a tea-drinker like me, a good mug is indispensable.
  • Pot. No, not the drug. A good, sturdy pot for boiling water is a great asset to a college student. Let me tell you, when midnight rolls around and the cafeteria is closed, but you have a mountain of homework to do and your stomach is grumbling, a bowl of ramen is a godsend. And remember, boiled water is perfect for a spot of tea!
  • Blankets and Pillows. Though you’ll get a mattress with the bed, that’s about it. And I doubt that a single, flimsy pillow will give your neck the proper support that it needs for a decent night’s rest. Be sure to throw in a few blankets. Better to have a nest of blankets than be shivering through the night during the Spring semester.
  • Clothing. No duh, Sherlock. What I’m talking about goes beyond the sweat pants and Uggs. If you didn’t know, this is New York. Expect constant snowfall during the winter and blazing sunshine at all other times. Pack to dress accordingly.

Residence Halls A, B, & C

  • Trashcan. Make sure to get trash bags as well. Nothing ruins the whole ‘college feel’ so much as a mountain of empty soda bottles and candy wrappers sitting on the kitchen counter. A wastebin for the bathroom also goes a long way towards keeping used Q-Tips off of the floors.
  • Toilet Brush. I have no words for this one. The bathrooms in my dorm have their own plungers for the occasional clog, but no brush for cleaning. Toilet cleaner is a must as well. And don’t forget the TP!

Shapiro Hall

  • Carpet/Mat. The floors in Shapiro are linoleum, and can get quite cold. A nice, large mat or small carpet works wonders on the cold winter nights. A set of slippers also helps for when you need to head to the bathroom.

Bug spray. It’s a sad fact, but Fall is Stink Bug season, and those little suckers manage to get into every locked room. Some Raid on hand helps to kill them off.

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