Alyssa Haines

Student Alyssa Haines is pictured in a lab in Ferrante Hall. She’s transferring to SUNY Cobleskill where she will major in Histology, the study of the microscopic structure of tissue.
  • Major: Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • HS: Camden 2014

Alyssa Haines fell in love with science during her senior year at Camden High School but didn’t pursue higher education in the sciences immediately. Instead she decided to attend the Paul Mitchell School in Schenectady where students learn how to become a cosmetologist, barber, or makeup artist. After two years she decided to make a change.

In 2017 she enrolled at Onondaga Community College. While in a Microbiology class she took an interest in the microscope and her love of science took off from there. In her Anatomy & Physiology class the teaching methods of Dr. Lynn Infanti had a profound impact on her. “She inspired me with the amount of effort and time she dedicated to her students. She would crawl around the classroom like an amoeba to help us understand how it moves, as well as go over the human body multiple times and let student’s video her going over them as well as ways to remember parts easier. She made me love science on a whole other level.”

Haines also decided to take American Sign Language (ASL) because she thought it might help her to have that skill set in the medical field. She enjoyed the experience so much she joined the ASL Club. “Professor Rebecca Dadey really inspired me with how helpful she was in class. She’s very strong and independent. She was always available whenever I needed help.”

Eunice Williams OCC’s Chief Diversity Officer also played a key role in Haines growth here as a work/study student. “She was always cheerful and uplifting. She always gave me new opportunities and reassured me whenever I was concerned about everything I had going on.”

Along with the ASL Club, Haines was also a member of the Diversity & Inclusion Council and a member of the committee which organized Unity Day. “I loved the experience here of being involved and getting to know so many people. I networked, built relationships and felt like I was more a part of the school because of it.”

After she receives her degree this Saturday, Haines plans to transfer to SUNY Cobleskill where she will major in Histology which is the study of the microscopic structure of tissue.

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