Why College Decision Day Isn’t the Final Day to Decide on College

It’s been drilled into your head throughout the college search process. If you’re deciding where to go to college May 1st is the final day to let that college know you’re in.  

If you’ve been on the fence about committing to a school, we’re here to tell you that at OCC and at community colleges across the state, May 1st isn’t the last day to commit to going to college. Community Colleges operate on rolling admission, which means you can apply and enroll at any point leading up the semester.  

Not only does it give you time to consider whether college is right for you, but it also gives you a better option (in our opinion). Here’s why: 

We’re There for You Every Step of the Way  

At OCC, we make it our business to help you at every step of the process. Once you apply, you get assigned a personal contact who will help you through every step of the application and enrollment process including helping you navigate financial aid and paying for college. Once you get here, that same personal contact will help you through your first year at OCC.  

In addition to your personalized contact, you’ll have access to many other resources we have that will help you through your education. You’ll be able to purchase books at an affordable flat rate, get free tutoring at our Learning Center and be able to go to our Community Care Hub when life gets in the way of school.  

We also have smaller class sizes to ensure that you’re getting more support from your professor.  

It’s a More Affordable Alternative  

College can be expensive. But at OCC, we try and make it as affordable as possible. Our annual tuition is $4,900 (excluding room and board) and there’s plenty of ways to make it more affordable. See our blog “How to Pay for Your Education at OCC” to see how you can apply for your education at OCC.  

We Get It, Life Happens  

One of our big advantages over a four-year school is that we understand you! We understand that you’re working while going to school. We understand you have a family and might need to support them. And we understand that things come up in your life. We get it. Life Happens. We’re here to help you get through it. Because your education is worth it. Because you’re worth it.  

To find out who your personalized onboarding contact is, contact Student Central at 315-498-2000 or 315-400-4057.  

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