Calli Giron

Calli Giron is pictured in the Lazer Lounge on the first floor of the Gordon Student Center.

  • Major: Criminal Justice
  • High School: Chandler in Arizona, class of 2015

Being an officer in the Student Association has positively impacted Calli Giron’s entire college experience. It’s changed her as a person and given her a better understanding of how a college operates. “I was an introverted person before taking this position. Now I talk to people everywhere I go. This has been a great experience for me. I’ve learned networking, how a college works, and met people who will help me through anything.”

Giron came to OCC from Chandler High School in Arizona along with her twin sister. Both will earn their degrees this May. Cassi is a Hospitality Management major while Calli’s focus is Criminal Justice. “Most of the professors in my major are former police officers. They give us real-life examples of what they’ve seen while doing their jobs.”

Giron’s goal is to become a homicide detective. Before enrolling in a police academy she plans to spend a year working, preferably in a moderate climate. “I want to move somewhere where there isn’t any snow but isn’t too hot.”

Interested in becoming a student officer? You can learn more by clicking on this website.

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