Brewing Career Opportunities

OCC student James Dowd (left) and Anything But Beer Strategist and Brew Master Logan Bonney (right) at a recent event.

James Dowd had a passion for marketing, but the sophomore Business Administration major wasn’t sure what aspect of it he wanted to pursue for a career. That changed one day while he was working at the Career Services Office in Coulter Hall. Dowd saw a posting for an internship at the College’s START-UP NY company partner, Anything But Beer which makes carbonated alcoholic beverages using fruits and vegetables instead of hops and barley. The company is owned and operated by OCC Alumni Logan Bonney and Brittany Berry.

Dowd applied, interviewed and was brought in for the spring semester. “It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made,” Dowd said. “Working with Anything But Beer showed me the ins and outs of how to run a company and how that translates to what I want to do.” Berry, the companies Chief Marketing Officer says the fact the business is a START-UP provides a great opportunity for students like Dowd. “James’ internship is slightly different than working for a larger firm because our needs are greater. Everyone must contribute everywhere, so we customized his work exposure to maximize his experience in order to help him find his passion and prepare him for what he wants to do next.”

James Dowd will graduate OCC in May, and plans to transfer to a four-year school.

Dowd couldn’t agree more with the assessment. The internship has provided him with a better understanding of which parts of the marketing field excite him the most. His duties have included event preparation, data analysis and organizational detail. Soon he will be exposed to promotional work that complements his event planning and be able to setup and help operate some upcoming events as well. Moreover, by the time he completes his internship he will have provided the company with an invaluable product report detailing what their consumers and business partners believe the company is doing well and where they need to improve.

The partnership between Anything But Beer and OCC provides the company with a steady pipeline of qualified students looking to gain experience outside the classroom and has been a welcome perk for them. “Working with Career Services has been great because we are able to pick from a group of great students, so when we fill a position, we know the person coming in is going to work hard and take advantage of this opportunity,” Berry said. The company is a Veteran Owned Business and recently took part in the annual Career Fair at OCC and was particularly excited to see the amount of interest, especially from the Colleges’ veteran community.

Quality interns are more important than ever to this growing company who is experiencing dramatic year-to-year growth in sales. Anything But Beer can now be found in 75 locations over a 10-county area across New York State. This drastic change in demand has also shifted their work from made-to-order to maintaining 25 barrels of product which is ready to go at all times. Bonney and Berry have also brought on two full-time employees and are excited to see where the rest of 2019 takes them.

Students interested in employment, internships and volunteering opportunities can learn more by contacting Career Services at (315) 498-2585 or The office is located in Coulter Hall in room C110.

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