Breanna Cherchio

Breanna Cherchio is pictured in the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement on the first floor of the Gordon Student Center. She is the President of the Student Association.

  • Major: American Sign Language
  • Homeschooled from Camillus

Breanna Cherchio has always wanted to help others. Her desire to do so started at a young age. “I grew up in the church. I was always doing kids ministries, making a set for a play or helping any way I could. It’s always been in my nature to help people.”

Cherchio enrolled at OCC as an Early Childhood major but an experience outside class ultimately led her in a different direction. “I was at a party and there was a little boy there who was deaf and no one was talking to him. I knew some sign language from doing interpretive dance and was able to communicate with him. His face lit up and he started teaching me signs. He was adorable.” Cherchio wound up taking an American Sign Language class, loved the experience and changed majors. “The passion of the professors here, especially Professor Dadey really made a difference. Her willingness to accept us into her life, culture and community were very important.”

Cherchio is in her second year serving the campus community as a member of Student Government. This semester she is the organization’s president. Being a leader has allowed her to see campus life and activities through a different lens. “There are a lot of events and initiatives happening for which I am able to be part of the planning. Seeing all the work that goes into the underlying themes and messages is really interesting. It’s encouraging to see how much effort the campus puts forth to use every opportunity to teach and guide us as students.”

When she’s not on campus Cherchio can be found working as a Direct Support Professional for the Resource Center for Independent Living. Earlier this semester she was sworn-in to the United States Navy. She has been classified as a Cryptonics Technician Interpretive and will be trained in a language while stationed in Monterey, California. Following her time in the Navy she hopes to work with children as an educational interpreter or an assistant for a teacher with deaf students.

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