Everything You Need to Know to Register for a Full Year of Classes

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Spring is coming and that means it’s time to register for classes at OCC! This year brings an exciting change to the way students can register.

Now, students can register for a full year of classes at once! This means you can register for all your classes all the way up to Summer 2020 starting on your registration date. Follow the steps below to get ready for your next year of classes!

Important Note: All OCC students with an outstanding balance of greater than $200 will not be able to register for classes. Students can sign up for a payment plan or pay their bill on Webadvisor. 

Step 1: Meet with Your Advisor

First, plan the courses that you will need for the next semester using our online tool in Webadvisor. If you need help with this, you can always stop into the advising center in Gordon.

Then, meet with your faculty advisor to determine the courses you should be taking for the next semester. To determine who your advisor is and schedule and an appointment, login to Lazer Success. 

Step 2: Wait for Your Registration Window

The earlier you register for classes the more likely you’ll be to get into all the ones you want. Determining your registration window is based on the number of credits you’ve completed towards your degree. Check out the full breakdown below.

Note: Summer 2019 Registration is already open so there’s no need to wait to register for classes!

When can you Register?

Wednesday, March 27th 

  • Students enrolled in a degree program with at least 30+ completed credits.

Thursday, March 28th 

  • Students enrolled in a degree program with 18+ completed credits.

Friday, March 29th 

  • Students enrolled in a degree program with less than 18 completed credits.

Monday, April 1st 

  • All students!

If you’re not sure how many credits you have, that’s ok! Login to webadvisor to check how many credits you have.

Step 3: Register!

Login to webadvisor and use our planning tool to register for courses.

If you have any questions while you’re registering or need assistance we encourage you to reach out to us by calling 315-498-2000, emailing advisingcenter@sunyocc.edu or texting 315-400-4057.

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