LaFayette High School Joins OCC Advantage Program

LaFayette High School’s Class of 2022 celebrates joining the OCC Advantage program during a ceremony in the high school auditorium.

Carolyn Redmore knows she’s fortunate. Redmore is a 9th grade student at LaFayette High School and her class is the school’s first to be a part of OCC Advantage. “We have this amazing opportunity to go to OCC for two years for free. We can save a lot of money for college. This is a great opportunity.”

Student Carolyn Redmore is interviewed by Spectrum TV videographer Mike Collins.

LaFayette High School’s Class of 2022 joined the OCC Advantage program during a signing ceremony last month. OCC Advantage is a unique college-readiness and scholarship program. All freshman students at LaFayette who meet attendance and grade point average (GPA) requirements, complete community service and graduate will be eligible to attend OCC tuition free. The GPA requirement is 2.0 which is the letter grade equivalent of a “C.”

Once enrolled at OCC students will have two years to complete work toward an associate degree or certificate, preparing them for a career or transfer to a four-year institution. During their time on campus students must meet minimum grade point average requirements and perform community service.

All 60 students who are presently freshman at LaFayette are eligible for the OCC Advantage program. As members of the class of 2022 they will be college-ready and able to attend OCC tuition-free should they choose to do so. During the 2018-19 academic year, full-time tuition at OCC is $2,450 per semester.

LaFayette joins the East Syracuse-Minoa, Jordan-Elbridge, Onondaga Central and Solvay school districts as participants in the OCC Advantage program. OCC Advantage is supported through the generosity of contributors to our Believe in Better fundraising campaign. You can learn more about Believe in Better and find out how you can support students on our website.

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