Michaela Grainger

Michaela Grainger in the Coulter Library.

  • Major: Humanities & Social Sciences with an Honors minor
  • Home schooled, from Fayetteville

There’s a pretty good chance a Grainger will be attending Onondaga Community College for the next couple of decades. Michaela Grainger is the oldest of nine children. In May she’ll earn her degree in Humanities & Social Sciences. In the fall her brother will follow in her footsteps and enroll at OCC. “My mother went to school here. She graduated, then went to Syracuse University. She told me she saved a lot of money and I would enjoy it. So far I’ve had a great time!”

When Grainger arrived at OCC she had no intention of getting involved in any clubs or organizations. Now she can’t get enough of them. As an officer in the college’s chapter of international honor society Phi Theta Kappa she has made visits to the Camillus Senior Center and McKinley-Brighton Elementary School where she has advised two very different audiences about technology and social media. She has also served as president of Brothers and Sisters for Christ.

Getting involved made Grainger’s transition from homeschooled to being on a college campus that much easier. “I’m naturally extroverted and love being around people. Because I’m used to a family setting, I love the closeness of the Honors group. We’re a close-knit family.”

Grainger is also a self-described history nerd. She recalls when she was younger how she would read about previous societies such as the Merovingian dynasty of France and make a family tree which would cover a large poster board. “I like learning about past experiences of people and different government structures. I think it’s important to care about history because if you have a good understanding of it you can recognize patterns and apply it to policy now. If we forget our history we are doomed to repeat it.”

History is Grainger’s future. She plans to pursue her bachelor’s in history in the fall. Her goal is to earn a Ph.D. and become a history professor.

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  1. Ali ALMaliki

    Hi Michaela ;I think your are really smart student,your participation in philosophy class made me say that.I hope you will keep on in your study until get your PhD because you deserve .
    Best Regards
    Ali almaliki


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