OCC’s Guide to Helping With Obstacles Outside of the Classroom

Your education shouldn’t get off track because of things that happen in your personal life. Here are some programs offered through our Community Care Hub which can assist students who might be affected by life situations that impact your school.

Important Note: All of these services are run through OCC’s Community Care Hub located in Gordon 134. You can contact them at 315-498-2801, communitycare@sunyocc.edu, or by stopping in to see them to see if you qualify for their services.

Food Link & Meal Tickets 

If you and your family is struggling to put food on the table,  OCC has some programs to help. We have a food link that’s open to all students and eligible students can qualify for meal tickets to use in the campus cafeteria.

We can also connect you with the local food banks to help you get food long-term.

Emergency Funds

If your facing eviction, homelessness, loss of electricity or other emergencies in your personal life, OCC has emergency funding available for students in those crisis moments. This funding is available year-round and is based on a student’s situation.

Getting Financial Aid Early

OCC has a program called Aid Like a Paycheck (ALAP). This program helps students get their financial aid early if they qualify and have a more immediate need for their money. If the aid is coming too late and you need the money now, see if you qualify.

Bus Passes

Having trouble getting to campus? OCC offers bus passes to qualifying students. Don’t let getting to campus be the obstacle to your success.

Book Assistance 

Can’t afford to buy books? See if you qualify for book assistance which can help cover the cost of your books.

Resources for Pregnant or Parenting Students

The Community Care Hub can help you find daycare and ways to afford these services while you’re going to school. We can also help connect you with other resources that can help you be a parent while going to school.

To take advantage of any of these services, visit the Community Care Hub in Gordon 134 or contact them at communitycare@sunyocc.edu or 315-498-2801

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