4 Tips to Survive Winter at OCC

winter tips (1000px)

Winter came early this year! In Central New York it’s a way of life so many of us know how to survive it already. But this may be the first time you’re attending college while dealing with snow. It’s a little different when you need to drive and walk across campus in the cold or snow (or both). Here are our tips for dealing with the snow at OCC.

1. Give Yourself More Time to Drive to Campus

Maybe this will be the first semester you will need to commute to campus in the snow. If so, make sure you give yourself a lot of extra time to get to campus. Snow always slows down traffic so you should prepare to have your commute be doubled on bad weather mornings.

2. Avoid the Cold by Walking Across Campus Inside Buildings

Walking over a cold and windy bridge in the middle of winter can be a real struggle. To stay warm between buildings, cut through Academic II. It connects Gordon and Ferrante so you won’t need to walk across the bridge on those windy blustery days.

There’s also a bridge on the 2nd floors of Mawhinney and Coulter that connects the two buildings.

3. Dress in Layers

Things can get a little chilly in Central New York. The easiest way to stay warm is to listen to your parents and wear those layers. So get out your socks, shirts, undershirts, and coats to make sure you avoid the chilly weather.

4. Be Careful on Hills 

No matter which way you come to campus, you’ll likely need to go up a hill to get to OCC. When going up hills, make sure you don’t stop or power up a hill. Your pacing should be pretty even. When approaching a large downhill slope, make sure to reduce your speeds. It will be hard to stop on a snowy or icy hill.


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