Elizabeth Clancy

Elizabeth Clancy

  • Major: Early Childhood
  • High School: Oswego, class of ‘97

Elizabeth Clancy is on a mission. She’s a 39-year-old mother of three who is powering through Onondaga Community College on her way to an Early Childhood degree. “I started this journey 20 years ago and now I’m going to see it through,” she said.

Clancy graduated from Oswego High School in 1997 and that fall began taking classes at SUNY Oswego with the goal of becoming a teacher. A year-and-a-half later she withdrew. After getting married and starting a family Clancy took online classes for three years while majoring in Advertising.

The dream of becoming a teacher stayed with her. In 2017, she gave birth to a daughter and knew if she was ever going to become a teacher it was now or never. “In summer of 2018 I thought ‘you know what I’m going to do this. I want to get it done before my 1-year-old daughter is old enough for school. I want my children see me finish and complete something I started.’”

Clancy came to Onondaga Community College and dove in headfirst. During a five week summer session, she took 12 credits. “I knew I was going to push through this no matter what because I wanted to be here. I know where I want to go and what I want to end up with.”

Balancing the needs of her family with the needs of her education was a daily challenge. “My family comes first. I have to make it a priority to fit school in and be the best I can without sacrificing my role as a mom. Every night after dinner we would sit down as a family and say ‘what’s going on tomorrow? Who has to be here, who has to be there, who is driving who?’ It’s the same way with school. If I know I don’t have something due for two weeks, I’m going to do what’s due tomorrow first. It’s important to be aware, organized and wanting to do it. I’m good with my grades and it makes me want to do better.”

Clancy was so good with her grades that during the fall semester she was inducted into the College’s chapter of international honor society Phi Theta Kappa. “It felt amazing. I was always a good student in high school and college but I’d never gotten the recognition. Everything is always about the kids. When my son makes honor roll or my daughter starts walking. I was nervous but it was nice to be recognized!”

Clancy will earn her degree this summer, then pursue a position in a classroom. “I’d like to get a job in a school district for a year and find out what age students I enjoy working with. I don’t know exactly where I’m going to fit in but I hope I find it. It will push me to go back to college and finish my bachelors.”

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  1. Jolene kit

    Go Clency
    No woman is made just to rise children.

    I believe you will get those bachelors before you know it.
    I love the who does what tomorrow strategy.


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