What You Need to Know to Stay Motivated for Your Second Semester

Students Laughing and walking

You’ve completed your first semester in college. Congratulations, the transition from high to college can be hard! Now, it’s time to get to work on your second semester. The first semester is the hardest, but don’t let that fool you. Here are our tips for a strong spring semester.

Start Fresh

It’s very much a cliche to say, but a new semester means a new start. If you didn’t do so well last semester, learn from your mistakes and start anew. Don’t think you have to do it alone. At OCC, we have the Learning Center for tutoring, the library for resources to help with your studies and the Community Care Hub to help you with barriers outside the classroom.

Don’t Skip Class Too-Much 

While we don’t recommend it, we know that most college students skip class at one point or the other. It’s important not to let this happen too often though. Missing classes is the easiest way to get behind on your classes, so only miss class when absolutely necessary.

Get Involved 

It’s never too late to Get Involved with what’s happening on-campus. Your second semester is a great time to join a club, get an on-campus job, or get involved in some other way. Explore your options and express interest on our Get Involved Form or explore options on students.sunyocc.edu.

Remember Why You’re Here 

College is a lot of fun and getting involved and having a good time are big parts of college. But don’t forget why you’re here! Keep your eye on your studies and getting that diploma. It’ll be worth it in the long-run to finish.


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