Brightening Faces At McKinley-Brighton

McKinley-Brighton Elementary 3rd graders Alea Baldwin (left) and Sanai Everson (right) show off the books they selected at OCC’s Book Fair at their school.

Alea Baldwin and Sanai Everson had a plan. When they walked into Onondaga Community College’s Book Fair in the library of the McKinley-Brighton Elementary school, the third graders knew exactly what their objective was. “We wanted to choose the same books so we could read them together,” said Everson. “We’re so excited we got the same ones!” Their choices were “Black Panther,” “The Magnificent Mya Tibbs” and “Nikki & Deja Wedding Drama.”

Baldwin and Everson were two of approximately 650 students whose faces lit up while they were selecting books. After each student selected three books they received a tote bag in the color of their choosing (either light blue, dark blue or red). Each student was also given a coloring book created by an OCC student.

The book fair was funded by the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Educational Foundation and The OCC Foundation. You can see more photos from the book fair below.

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