Scholarship From The Sheriff

OCC student Kristine Block (right) is presented with the New York State Sheriff’s Association Scholarship by Onondaga County Sheriff Gene Conway (center). On the left is Jessica Field, Chair of OCC’s Criminal Justice major.

Kristine Block is busy. Very busy. She’s a 36-year-old mother of two who works in a service industry and is in her first semester as a full-time student in OCC’s Criminal Justice major. She recently carved out enough time to apply for an annual scholarship from the New York State Sheriff’s Association. She wrote an essay about her life story and her dream of a career in law enforcement.

Earlier this month Onondaga County Sheriff Gene Conway came to campus bearing a gift just in time for the holiday season. “It’s an honor to present you with this check on behalf of the New York State Sheriffs Association which does a lot of great things across the state. Congratulations,” said Conway. “Receiving this means a lot,” said Block. “It’s not something that was handed to me. I had to work for it. The essay was very personal. I chose to write about my journey and how I ended up here as old as I am.”

Block grew up in a military family, moving to wherever the United States Army assigned her father. She was born in Syracuse, raised in California and moved back to Syracuse later in life. When she began exploring careers in law enforcement, she realized she had aged out of some options. “I figured there were other things I could still do within the policing community. I explored options, realized I needed schooling and here I am.”

Her first semester on campus has gone well. She feels comfortable in class, loves her major and has strengthened her relationship with her 16 year old son. “Going to school at an older age has brought me closer together with my high school-aged son because we fight for the computer, sit and do homework together and he proofreads my essays.”

Block’s essay which earned her the scholarship struck a chord with Criminal Justice Department Chair and Professor Jessica Field. “What you’ve done and how far you’ve come is very touching,” she told Block. “You’re working really hard and you’re raising your kids. You are very deserving of this.”

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