How OCC Students are Dealing with the Stress of Finals

Stress Relief Blog Article

It’s a very stressful time of year with final papers and exams. We asked how you were dealing with the stress. Here’s what you said!

Essential oillike eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender and taking breaks from studying” 

“Soft music, reading, video games and sleep”

“Working out and listening to music”

“Burritos and Netflix”

“Ping pong!”

“Hot chocolate and Disney movies”     

“Crying a lot. Reminding myself that it HAS to end eventually. Eating real, healthy food. Lots of caffeine”

“Think about why I’m in school, my goals and get my motivation in check”

“Get crafty with my daughter”  

“Time management and study buddy support systems. Gotta have your people to hold you down and keep you sane.”

“Buckling down and not waiting till the last minute to do my work or study for your finals.”

We hope this helped to give you some ideas about how to let off some steam in between working on all the things to finish up!

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