How to Finish Your Finals Strong

How to Finish Finals Strong (1000px)

Finals are right around the corner! Here are our tips for finishing out your finals strong.

1. Start Early

The earlier you start studying for finals the better. Leaving it to the last night and attempting to pull an all-nighter is usually a recipe for disaster.

2. Join a Study Group

See if the Learning Center is running any study groups for your class or form one of your own. Learning in a group setting can enhance your understanding of the material ahead of the big exam. (Just make sure to focus on the subject and not get sidetracked)

3. Make Your Appointment at the Learning Center

The Learning Center is here to help you study for your exam or work on your final project. Finals are a busy time for the Learning Center so we’d encourage you to make your appointment as soon as possible. That way, you are more likely to get your tutor of choice.

4. Find a Quiet Study Location

Getting the perfect study location can be tricky if you have roommates or kids to contend with. But there are private study rooms in the library and plenty of quiet places on-campus you can go to for a silent study experience.

5. Turn Off Your Phone

Finding a quiet space and eliminating distractions is important. Even more important is eliminating the distraction of your phone that’s always with you. Install an app like SelfControl that will allow you to block certain applications while you are studying so you don’t get sucked into your phone.

6. Alternate Subjects

After a while studying the same subject, it becomes hard to concentrate. Switch subjects to keep your brain thinking but not go into overload on one topic.  

7. Take Breaks

At a certain point, your brain gets tired from all the information you’re trying to absorb. Take a break. Get something to eat. Take a Walk. Do something to take your mind off studying for a moment to refresh yourself.

8. Get a Good Nights Sleep

Make sure you’re rested before the night of your big exam. You’ll be glad you didn’t pull an all-nighter when you’re taking the test!

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