Katelyn Doner

Katelyn Doner
  • Major: Electronic Media Communications
  • High School: Cicero-North Syracuse, class of 2016

Two years ago, Katelyn Doner was a high-achieving senior at Cicero-North Syracuse high school. She had options when it was time to choose a college and decided OCC would be best for her. “I didn’t know what I wanted to major in. Instead of going to go to a four-year, trying to figure it out there and spending tons and tons of money I decided to come to OCC where I could figure things out and save money.”

During Doner’s first semester on campus she focused on her prerequisites. When she took a Mass Media class with Professor Linda Herbert her future came into focus. “I fell in love with the EMC (Electronic Media Communications) major. I’ve always loved music and movies and television. The Mass Media class showed me all of the behind-the-scenes techniques. I loved it and it was one of my passions so I figured why not make a career out of it?”

In the spring of 2018, Doner was inducted into OCC’s chapter of international honor society Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). “Because of PTK I’ve met so many people who are great friends whom I can turn to for help. I’ve also been able to collaborate with a lot of different people. Group work is so much easier now because of PTK. I’m used to talking to three or four different people at a time about one project and communicate my thoughts.”

Doner was recently recognized for completing PTK’s Competitive Edge program which enhances students’ marketable skills to make them more competitive for scholarships, transferring and careers. Competitive Edge helps students strengthen the skills that are highly sought after by employers and colleges, such as oral and written communication, professional etiquette, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking. “It felt great to be honored. It’s time consuming to complete each of the five levels of the program. Having that recognition was amazing. It showed that I stuck with it and I did it.”

During the spring semester, Doner will do an internship at one of the local television stations and learn more about her passion, television and video production. She’s hoping that experience will be a springboard to a job after she earns her degree in May. “I want to get experience I can put on a resume. If I need to go to another school, I will. Right now I feel I’m ready to take on a job and go from there.”

Doner’s experience at OCC has been so positive she’s hoping to convince other family members to follow her path here. “I have two younger cousins who I tell ‘if you’re not sure what you want to do in college go to OCC and you’ll figure it out there. You might think you want to do one thing and you change your mind completely. It’s so much more worth it doing it at a community college versus a four-year.’”

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