Pictured above is the #LightMeUp logo.

Kate Hanson is working hard to turn a negative into a campus-wide positive. Earlier this year she and a few of her friends were victims of sexual harassment or assault. It wasn’t until they started communicating with each other they realized their shared experiences. “It bothered me because the same person did this to so many people and until we started talking to each other we didn’t realize it. Before we knew there were other victims, there was a fear in speaking out and concerns about who was going to believe any of us.”

Hanson began a conversation with fellow students and faculty members about how they could all make a difference. Several weeks of discussions and planning resulted in “#LightMeUp,” a series of events which will take place on campus next week aimed at igniting the conversation about sexual assault and harassment. The goal is to raise awareness about the effects of sexual assault and harassment, to learn more about the #MeToo movement, consent and more. “We want to inform people and empower them to speak up and create unity,” said Hanson. She said it was also important for men to be included in the conversation. “Looking at the #MeToo movement that’s one thing I don’t think they do very well. I wanted to make sure anything which included men was inclusive and welcoming, not yelling at them or accusing them.”

Below is the list of events for #LightMeUp:

Monday, November 26

  • 11:10am-12:20pm
  • Panel Discussion: Title IX and Sexual Assault Reporting and Prosecution
  • Learn about your protections under Title IX and the process of reporting and prosecuting sexual assault cases.
  • Mawhinney Hall, room 245


  • 11:10am-12:20pm
  • Panel Discussion: Men, Masculinity and the #MeToo Movement
  • Join us for a discussion about the relationship between man, masculinity and gender-based violence and the role of men in creating change.
  • Gordon Student Center Bistro, room G210


Tuesday, November 27

  • 4pm-6pm
  • Interactive Workshop with Vera House
  • Coulter Hall, room C116


Wednesday, November 28

  • 11:10am-12:20pm
  • Panel Discussion: Gender-Based Violence and Prevention
  • Members of OCC’s campus community discuss gender-based violence and prevention, Title IX and the #MeToo movement.
  • Mawhinney Hall, room 245


  • 5:30pm-6pm
  • #LightUpOCC Rally
  • On the quad in front of Coulter Hall


  • 6pm-7pm            Post-Rally Discussion
  • Coulter Hall, room C116
  • Rally, march and speak out. Share your story and discuss Take Back The Night, a movement aimed at ending sexual, relationship and somestic violence in all forms.


Friday, November 30

  • 11:10am-12:20pm
  • Panel Discussion: Empowerment, Progress and Change
  • Learn about historical and contemporary efforts to promote equality and social justice.
  • Mawhinney Hall, room M345


  • 11:10am-12:20pm
  • Empowerment Open Mic
  • Bring your talent and watch others as they use their skills to empower and motivate others.
  • Storer Auditorium


Students who attend #LightMeUp events are eligible to receive free OCC swag like t-shirts, highlighters, mini school supply kits & more!

The following students and faculty members organized #LightMeUp events:

  • Kate Hanson – student leader
  • Dr. Glenda Gross – faculty leader
  • Anthony Vespi
  • Ben Masten
  • Brandon DeFrancesco
  • Chris Holmes
  • Cody Ravas
  • Jennifer Boback
  • Jonathan Thompson
  • Julianna Godici
  • Katarina Kostich
  • Dr. Annie Tuttle
  • Jackie Barstow
  • Katelyn Doner
  • Maysarah Gamel
  • Michaela Grainger
  • Mikayla Purcell-Bolha

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