Journey to Citizenship

Mufadhalal Abdo Mohamed Mujalli (left) celebrates becoming an American citizen with her daughter, Abeer Alziadi, ’14 (right).

Nearly 20 years after Mufadhala Abdo Mohamed Mujalli came to the United States from Yemen, she is finally an American citizen. “This is the happiest day of my life,” she said after being sworn-in during a Naturalization Ceremony November 14 in Storer Auditorium.

Alziadi takes a photo of her mother as she recites the Oath for Citizenship.

Mujaalli and her family moved to the United States two decades ago and settled in New York City. She attempted citizenship in 2009 but was unable to complete the process. Her daughter, Abeer Alziadi, earned a degree from OCC in Humanities and Social Sciences in 2014 and two years later became an American citizen. “I think me becoming a citizen may have pushed her to try again,” said Alziadi.

Mujaali restarted the process earlier this year. Thanks to countless hours of preparation, she passed the test and was on her way to becoming a citizen. “I’m very proud of her,” said Alziadi. “This is beyond any accomplishment I’ve seen from her. I feel like she got her master’s today. I know it’s difficult for her. She pushed herself. She’s the type to think ‘I can’t do it.’ For people who think they can’t, my mom is living proof they can!”

A total of 46 people from 24 countries were sworn-in during OCC’s Naturalization event. The ceremony was officiated by the Honorable Michael Hanuszczak, Acting Supreme Court Judge, New York State. OCC’s Music department helped provide a patriotic feel. Dr. David J. Rudari, D.M.A. sang the National Anthem. He also sang God Bless America while accompanied on the piano by Kevin Moore, Ph.D., J.D.

Congratulations to all of our new American citizens!

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