OCC’s Honor Student

Nancy Carr, Director of OCC’s Office of Accessibility Resources, was inducted into honor society Phi Theta Kappa last week.

One of OCC’s most beloved employees is also a new member of the college’s honor society. Nancy Carr was sworn-in to Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) during the fall induction ceremony in Storer Auditorium. “It was such an honor. I loved the diversity of the people who became PTK members along with me. They were all ages and from all backgrounds. It’s so remarkable to be a part of that group.”

Carr serves the campus community as Director of the Office of Accessibility Resources. She already has a Master’s degree in Counseling but for four years has been taking one class each semester in pursuit of an associate degree in Substance Abuse Counseling. “With the recent surge in heroin and opiate addiction it seems like it’s reaching epidemic proportions. There’s a need for people to understand the stigma and that just being a person in recovery is a great accomplishment. With addiction impacting more seniors I’ve often thought if and when I retire from OCC I might do more in this area.”

Greg Guevara

Carr is taking advantage of OCC’s new Weekend College program as she works toward her degree, taking a weekend class this semester and another in the spring. She hopes to complete work toward her degree by next May. “We’re so lucky we can continue our education. You never have to stop learning. It keeps me fresh.”

By earning membership in PTK Carr is following in the footsteps of her son, Greg Guevara. He was president of the College’s chapter and also earned curriculum honors in the Liberal Arts & Sciences – General Studies major in 2015. “I was thinking instead of ‘like mother, like son’ in this case it’s ‘like son, like mother,’” Carr said.

Guevara now works as a nurse at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester and has been keeping up with his mother’s progress in college. “Last week I had a midterm in a science class and it’s proving harder than I thought. Greg got an ‘A’ in it and I’ll be lucky if I get a ‘B.’ Greg’s like, ‘c’mon mom!’”

Congratulations to Nancy Carr and all of our new PTK inductees!

One thought on “OCC’s Honor Student

  1. I’m very inspired by your great story that I’m considering taking classes towards a certificate. I guess it’s never late to study and keep growing as long as I stay focused on my goals.
    Keep up the good work inspiring us! Thank you.


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