Lazer Models for the Mets

Josh Posnick models the Syracuse Mets new home uniform. Posnick is an Accounting major and baseball player at OCC.

Josh Posnick was pretty sure his coach was pulling his leg. Yesterday afternoon the OCC student athlete got a call from Lazers Baseball coach Bob Piraino. He told him there was going to be big media event Tuesday afternoon at NBT Bank Stadium, home of Syracuse’s minor league baseball team. The team’s nickname was changing from the Chiefs to the Mets.

Piraino (left) and Posnick (right).

The big reveal included showing off the Syracuse Mets new uniforms and Posnick would have the opportunity to model the home whites. “I thought he was just messing with me like he always does. He likes to make me laugh. At first I didn’t believe it. He kept talking about it and I realized it would be a great opportunity,” said Posnick.

Piraino’s relationship with Syracuse’s General Manager, Jason Smorol made the modeling opportunity possible. “He a friend and he called me looking for a guy who would fit the uniform. Josh fit the bill. He did great. He looked the part,” said Piraino.

Posnick is an Accounting major at OCC and a 2017 graduate of Solvay High School. He started playing baseball as a young boy in Lakeland. Dressing like a professional player for all to see was a moment he will never forget. “Having the opportunity to put on a uniform like this is a dream come true. It’s just unbelievable. From the time I played in little league I’ve wanted to do something like this.”

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