Amanda Tetro

Amanda Tetro
  • Major: Nuclear Technology
  • High School: Fulton, Class of 2012

The future is much clearer for Amanda Tetro now. Next May she’ll earn her degree in Nuclear Technology. During the summer she’ll begin working in the nuclear industry. It’s much different from the uncertain path she was on just a couple of years ago.

Tetro graduated from Fulton High School in 2012 and enrolled at Syracuse University. She earned a degree four years later but with no great job opportunities and college loans coming due, she went to work in the service industry.

Tetro had family contacts in the nuclear industry and one day got a call about coming to work at a nuclear plant during an outage, or scheduled refueling and maintenance. “The first time I did it I worked as a janitor. The second time I got to issue test equipment to people. I decided I wanted to stay there and keep working. The culture was so much different compared to anywhere I had ever worked. Nuclear is so much about safety and taking your time and doing it right.”

Tetro had heard about OCC’s Nuclear Technology program and decided to give it a try in the fall of 2017. She found the major to be even more than she hoped for. “I love that we have people who are from the industry who teach us. They’re so knowledgeable because they’ve lived it. They have a sense of the greater scheme of what we want to do. The effort they put in to get you opportunities in the plant gives you a sense of whether you want to be there. It’s an invaluable experience compared to what I had known from college previously.”

During this past summer, Tetro interned at Nine Mile nuclear plant and found it reinforced her career goals. “It was great. I was allowed to go so many places I couldn’t go when I was just a contractor there. It was a great experience. I went onto the refueling floor and into the control room. It went very smoothly.”

As one of the top students in the Nuclear Technology major Tetro is serving as the Student Representative for this academic year. She attends advisory meetings for the program and helps make decisions which will impact its future.

You can learn more about OCC’s Nuclear Technology major here.

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