7 tips for becoming a more organized and successful college student

Tips to Becoming A Successful College Student

Being a college student can get overwhelming very quickly. Trying to keep track of all of your classes, part-time jobs, and sometimes raising a family while trying to maintain a social life can be a bit stressful. Learning how to become more organized can help to manage the stress brought on by being a college student. These 7 tips have helped me to be a much more organized student and I hope you’ll find them helpful in creating organization in your life as well.

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  • Get a planner – OCC students can get a free planner each semester just by visiting the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, downstairs in the Gordon Center (next to the Lazer Lounge). Using a planner and writing things down can help you to become more organized and make sure that you don’t forget important details. Planners come in many different styles to accommodate each person’s specific needs, so shop around or grab the free one in Gordon to find the planner that’s perfect for you.


  • Use different colored writing utensils – Using different colored pens/pencils helps to keep track of different information. I used multiple colors to separate my notes by topic or different slides, if taking notes from a PowerPoint. This helped me to be able to find information quicker and easier when I was studying for my tests. For additional organization, you can create a key to explain what each color stands for. Check out my favorite, Papermate Ink-Joy, for some top rated note taking pens.


  • Get prepared the night before – Preparing the night before classe can help your mornings run much more smoothly. Lay out your outfit, pack your food, and get all of your classwork in one consolidated location, that way in the morning you’re not stressing out about where your stuff is and you don’t run the risk of being late for class

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  • Turn off distractions – While technology is difficult to avoid, having your phone or other distracting technology around you while studying is not the best idea. It is recommended to turn your television and phone off for at least 2 hours and  to work in a quiet space. This will allow you to focus on the work that you need to get done.


  • Set daily goals – Having many classes can be a lot of work and be overwhelming. Take the time to write out daily goals and then prioritize them by most important, or most time sensitive, to least important. This allows you to work on one thing at a time instead of working on multiple things at once.


  • Keep a clean study environment – Along with technology, having a messy and cluttered work space can be a huge distraction. Making sure to keep only the items you really need around you, will allow you to focus on the task at hand without adding unneeded distractions.


  • Keep your classes in separate notebooks – While it seems easier to only have to carry one notebook or binder for all your classes, it’s actually best to keep them each separate for organizational purposes. Try using color coded folder/notebook combos to keep track of the corresponding work for each class and to create an organized system.


I hope these tips help you to become more organized and in turn create a more successful school year. Good Luck, Lazers!

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