Leigh-Ann Dence

Leigh-Ann Dence

  • Major: Interior Design
  • HS: Central Square, 2016

Leigh-Ann Dence learned the value of discipline at an early age. That foundation led to her being voted president of Onondaga Community College’s Student Government Association. “I participated in Winter Guard, Parade Band and Field Band for seven years. You would have a week in between seasons, then start up again. It was all about dedication, a schedule, and being on time. Those things just became normal to me. I didn’t realize at the time how it was grooming to be in a leadership position but it really gave me the structure I needed.”

Dence came to OCC from Central Square High School. She wanted to stay close to home and found everything she needed here on campus. During the 2017-18 academic year she served as an RA. The experiences she had that year made her want to have a larger voice on campus for the student population. After hearing about the Student Government Association elections, she decided to run for president.

Dence is looking forward to her year in a leadership role and plans to streamline processes. “I went to my first conference and learned about structure and the rules of order in meetings. I like order and I think it’s important for our student government to have a good structure in place for meetings so everything is communicated properly.”

As president, Dence succeeds another Central Square graduate, Sam Stetson who oversaw the Student Association last year.

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