The Hip Hop Preacher Comes to OCC

Eric Thomas (1000px)
Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas, a motivational speaker dubbed “the Hip Hop Preacher”, will be on-campus this Wednesday, September 5th for a speech at during college hour from 11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in the SRC Arena. Thomas’s motivational speech is open at all students!

Thomas is renowned for his high energy messages and creative messages. He is a critically acclaimed author, World-renowned speaker, educator, pastor and Audie Awards Finalist. Thomas’s presence has earned him a large social media following.

Join us as we welcome Eric Thomas to campus!

One thought on “The Hip Hop Preacher Comes to OCC

  1. I love this guy and have been following him for years. I graduated from OCC years but would have loved the opportunity to attend this event. He is such a bright light for so many. I’m truly sad that I missed him and he was right here practically in my back yard..


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