Everything You Need to Know About Parking at OCC

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Finding a place to park at OCC can be difficult sometimes. As an incoming student, you’ve got a lot to worry about. We created this guide so (hopefully) finding a place to park won’t be one of your problems coming in.

Getting Your Pass

Student Central Wide Shot

For Commuter Students 

Good news! Commuter Parking Permits are free for OCC students. You just need to make sure your car in properly marked so we don’t give you a ticket. Here are the two easy steps you need to take!

  1. Go to the Lazer Card Office at Student Central in the Gordon Student Center and get a sticker
    • Students can apply for multiple stickers
    • Commuter parking passes do not expire for student tenure
  2. Apply the sticker to the rear passenger window on the driver’s side of the vehicle

Now you can park in any lot made available to students!

For Residence Hall Students 

Getting the pass is the same as above with two key differences:

  1. A $90 fee will be applied to a student in need of a residential parking pass
  2. Residence Hall parking passes expire after 1 year and must be renewed

The residential parking pass can be obtained at Student Central.

1 Important Thing You Need to Remember

Give Yourself Extra Time to Get a Parking Space

Inevitably, you will have a time where the search for a parking space takes a little longer. You’ll need that extra time to make sure you get one.

Finding Your Spot

1. The lots near the SRC Arena, 13,14 & 15, fill up quickly. Try parking in one of the other lots instead.

2. Don’t park in lots 2, 7, 17, 19, and 22

3. Or any of the AmeriCU or YMCA specific spaces.

4. The spaces in parking lot 16 are for students who live in the residence halls only.

If you have any questions on parking, feel free to reach out to student central at 315-498-2000, occinfo@sunyocc.edu or pop by for a visit.


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