Weekend Warriors

Faculty and students in the Weekend College’s Business Administration major share their stories and discuss the demanding year ahead.

They came from all walks of life with a common goal. There was a woman who took her first college class in 1978 and decided now was the time to finish what she started. There was a man who worked as a supervisor at a call center and wanted a degree to go along with his experience. There was a woman who worked in pharmacy billing and was returning to college after taking care of a parent. They all had stories to tell and they were all members of Onondaga Community College’s first class of Weekend College students.

The students came to campus on a Saturday morning in mid-August for orientation. OCC President Dr. Casey Crabill was among those who welcomed them. “We think each of you has incredible potential as a student, as a learner and as somebody who can take that degree into the community and apply it. Part of our challenge as a college is to make the Central New York community the best place it can be. To do that we know we need people to keep growing and earn the degrees and credentials that will help them in the workplace,” Dr. Crabill said.

The students had the opportunity to meet professors in each of their majors. Most importantly, they had the chance to meet each other. Dr. Crabill along with the professors let the students know the pace of the coursework would be fast but it would be possible to succeed because they had each other to lean on along with the College’s outstanding support staff.

Weekend College is being offered in four degree programs:

  • Business Administration, A.S. –   12-month program
  • Criminal Justice, A.S. –   14-and-a-half month program
  • Early Childhood, A.A.S. –   14-and-a-half month program
  • Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counseling, A.A.S. –   14-and-a-half month program

Congratulations to our first class of Weekend College students! We look forward to seeing each of you receive your associate degrees in 2019.

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