Powering Up A Career: Ashley Haskins ’17 & ‘18

Major: Electrical Technology and Nuclear Technology

Sandy Creek High School ‘08

When Ashley Haskins attended a Science Fair sponsored by Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant in 2006, she wouldn’t have guessed the chance encounter would lead to her eventual career. She would graduate from Sandy Creek High School in 2008, enroll at Syracuse University and earn a Public Policy degree in 2011. She traveled to South Dakota where she worked on a Native American reservation for three years before coming back to New York and working as a special education assistant in the Sandy Creek School District. “I enjoyed teaching but was denied a teaching certification. I knew I couldn’t advance unless I went on to get my Master’s and I wanted to get into the work force sooner than the timeline to do so.”

Haskins heard of the Nuclear Tech program from her boyfriend’s father who is a contractor at the nuclear plants. She remembered how much she loved science in high school and decided to explore the opportunity. Haskins contacted Professor Tab Cox who told her more about the program. “Once I visited the campus and saw the labs associated with the program, the knowledgeable faculty and career prospects I got very excited.”

Haskins has been working full-time at Nine Mile while finishing her degree

She enrolled in the fall 2015 semester and enjoyed the supporting courses from the Electrical Technology program (ELT) so much that she decided to get a dual degree along with Nuclear Technology (NET) to enhance her profile and earning potential. “I loved the hands on labs, the support from my instructors and because it was a small program the family type atmosphere that evolved from that.” Haskins completed her ELT degree last year and will finish her coursework with the NET program this year. She’s already working full-time at Nine Mile Point Unit 2 nuclear plant which was one of the primary selling points of the program. “Being a non-traditional student, getting back into the workforce with a great salary was my primary focus and this program was setup in such way where if I put the work in I could obtain that. If you are interested in hands-on type work or have an interest in math or science, this program is definitely worth checking out.”

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