Appreciating Our Employees


OCC President Casey Crabill (left) with recipients of the OCC Trustee Awards “Team Award” (left to right): Michael O’Connor, Matt DelConte, Malkiel Choseed and Jamie Sindell.

Onondaga Community College paid tribute to its employees with an outstanding award ceremony and luncheon Wednesday, May 23 in the Gordon Great Room. A list of honorees is below followed by a slideshow of award recipients.

Ann Felton Multicultural Award

  • Thy An Bui
  • Julie Hart
  • Sophia Marku
  • Brisa Rodriguez

Newly Tenured & Promoted Faculty

  • David Green, Architectural Technology + Interior Design
  • Fantasia Thorne-Ortiz, Library
  • Pierre “Pete” Patnode, Criminal Justice

Faculty Promotions: Professor

  • Thy An Bui, Mathematics
  • David Bzdak, Social Sciences & Philosophy
  • Tracey Clancy, Mathematics
  • Christian Sisack, English/Reading/Communication
  • Barbara Wells, Biology

Faculty Promotions: Associate Professor

  • Christian Heisler, English/Reading/Communication
  • Lisa Miller, Music
  • Pierre “Pete” Patnode, Criminal Justice
  • Fantasia Thorne-Ortiz, Library

Faculty Promotions: Assistant Professor

  • Michael Grieb, Applied Engineering Technology

Faculty Appreciation Awards

  • Maggie Collins
  • Peter Keith-Slack
  • Wendy Tarby

SUNY Chancellor’s Award Winners

  • Classified Service – Mary Jude Plunkett
  • Professional Service – Scott Titus
  • Faculty Service – Dr. Patrick Kenny, Dr. David Rudari
  • Excellence in Teaching – Cynthia Arcuri, Dr. Glenda Gross, Dr. Annie Tuttle, Dr. Barbara Wells
  • Excellence in Adjunct teaching – Lawrence G. Page, Edward Ponto
  • Scholarship & Creative Activities – Dr. David VanArsdale

OCC Trustee Awards

  • Ralph R. Whitney, Jr. Award – Dr. Larry Weiskirch
  • Faculty – Fantastia Thorne-Ortiz
  • Administrator – Wendy Tarby
  • Team – Dr. Malkiel Choseed, Matt DelConte, Michael O’Connor, Jamie Sindell
  • Staff – Dennis Burgos (posthumously)

John H. Mulroy Founders Award

  • Jane Tanner

OCC Supervisor Academy Graduates

  • Christopher Brim
  • Nancy Carr
  • Kathleen D’Aprix
  • Sheriah Dixon
  • David Durfey
  • Kara Hook
  • Devon Knapp
  • Kelly Larrivey
  • Ted Mathews
  • Janice Mayne
  • Amy Mech
  • Michael McMullen
  • Michael McNeill
  • Michael Mulholland
  • Ryan Nellenback
  • Carol Obernessor
  • John Paddock
  • Meghan Peryea
  • Sarah Robinson
  • Kevin Sapio
  • Steven Wiley
  • Kathleen Sheridan
  • Stephen Suarez
  • Steffani Williams
  • Michael Wood
  • Erin Woods
  • Stephanie Zumbuhl

Years of service

  • 40 Years: Selma L. Moore, Timothy J. Singer
  • 35 Years: Ingrid J. Cominsky, Ph.D. Sheila A. Osborne, Jane D. Tanner
  • 30 Years: Crystal L. Etzel, Ph.D., Yvette A. Jenkins, Thalia E. Robinson, John E. Starkweather
  • 25 Years: Karen F. Harrison, Ronald Lewandowski, Peggy Anne Przybcien, Laurel Saiz
  • 20 Years: Kimberly A. LaClair, Marcia Moore, Frank T. Sgroi, Gwen M. Wehbe, Ph.D.
  • 15 Years: Kristen O. Blumfield, Elaine Driscoll, Yvonne J. Fish-Kalland, Kent M. Ford, Sally B. Luton, Renee E. Morrissey, Michael B. Oppedisano, Mary Pat Root, Pauline L. Shostack, Sheila S. Sicilia, Stephen C. Suarez, Marie E. Vasek, Robin L. Weeks, Michael A. Wheeler
  • 10 Years: Wendy L. Allen, Christopher D. Brim, Daneen M. Brooks, Thy An Bui, Robert D. Burgess, Michele L. Carey, Terry D. Cooke, Felicia Y. Cooper, Qualisha C. Davis, Jason P. Furney, Carrie D. Gordon, Gia M. Irons, Thomas M. Keenan, Ph.D., Chris M. Kukenberger, Arnaud F. Lambert, Ph.D., Elizabeth P. LaPorte, Michele Williams Ley, J.D., Lisa A. Lovette, Helaine A. Lubar, Elizabeth L. Mathe, Amanda R. McShane, Heather K. Meyers, Diana L. Mulvey, Rimon S. Neshawait, John F. Paddock, Amanda M. Pendock, Jennie A. Sabo, Hyesook Shim, Christian Sisack, Robert T. Tanchak, Scott C. Titus, Miriam A. Vazquez, Steffani M. Williams, Richard K. Yung.
  • 5 Years: Larry S. Arnold, M. Lee Berg, Mary R. Buchal, Elaine M. Buza, Alaa L. Craddock, Nathan D. Erwin, Dr. Kerry L. Evans, Jessica L. Field, Christian Heisler, Melissa K. Hicks, Ph.D., Richard H. Jarrett, Mark R. Manning, Michael H. McNeill, Roger Mirabito, Michael Podolny, Ph.D., Enid G. Reiley, Kimberly Siriano, Kathleen Slade, Thomas P. Stojanov, Christopher E. Thuot, Ph.D, Steven J. Wojtalewski

Retirees Recognition

  • David Abrams, D.M.A.
  • Nancy Ansteth
  • Fred Carpenter
  • Judith “Judy” Chrisman
  • Marion Cross
  • Elaine Driscoll
  • Marybeth Dutter
  • Monte Flynn
  • Marie Gentile
  • Jeffrey Harr
  • Kenneth Iandolo
  • Rickey Jenkins
  • Kathryn “Kathy” Mollura
  • Vivian Rice
  • Andy Schuster
  • Theresa Scipione
  • Susan “Susie” Ladd (Steinbaugh)
  • Brenda Stever
  • Jane Tanner
  • Garth Tyszka
  • Andrea “Andi” Venuti
  • Dustin “Dusty” Wacker

There were two additional awards handed out this year. Sam Stetson, President of the Student Association, paid tribute to two of the College’s unsung employees on behalf of all students. She recognized Carol Drexler of American Dining Creations and Rich Bennett of Custodial as employees who had gone above and beyond during the academic year.

Congratulations to all of the honorees!

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