Josh Wright

  • Major: Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counseling
  • High School: Chittenango, class of 2009

Divine intervention saved Josh Wright’s life. “God led me down a path that included incarceration. When I went to a church session while I was incarcerated, everything changed.” Wright’s drugs of choice were heroin and alcohol but his path to addiction started in a way which has become all too common. High school sports injuries required surgery. The recovery process included prescribed opiates. “I got hooked on pills, went to college and the pill addiction outweighed the academics.” He turned to crime to fund his addiction and eventually wound up behind bars.

Throughout his years of addiction Wright had tried repeatedly to get clean. It wasn’t until that day in jail when he went to church and things started moving in a positive direction. “Something went up and down my spine I couldn’t explain. Later in my cell something miraculous happened in my soul. Jesus took control of my life and so did God. That’s what started my second chance at life.”

Wright came to OCC in the fall of 2016 and found a home in the Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counseling major. “There’s such a good atmosphere here. Everyone is rooting each other on so we all succeed. Dr. Ednita Wright has done a great job of structuring the Alcohol & Substance Abuse program, knowing each and every student within the program and knowing something about them. It’s the same with every professor in that program. I’ve fallen in love with this school.”

His coursework has reflected how good he feels about his major and the environment surrounding it. In the spring 2018 semester Wright was inducted into the College’s chapter of international honor society Phi Theta Kappa.

Outside class Wright enjoys speaking to groups about what he has overcome and is in the process of joining Onondaga’s Heroin Epidemic Action League. His long term plan is to continue his education and start an organization which will help families affected by addiction and assist those impacted by addiction grow and reintegrate back into society. “I want the organization to care for the person as much as they need to be cared for until they can care for themselves.”

When Wright gets home every night he is surrounded by the most important people in his life. His wife Tiffany is his high school sweetheart. They married four years ago and have two children. “She has felt the brunt of my lowest lows. She’s an unsung hero to stand by my side through all of this. She is still my biggest cheerleader and roots for me the loudest.”

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