Maysarah Mohamed

  • Major: Mathematics & Science with a specialization in Biology and an Honors minor
  • High school: Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central, class of 2017

When Maysarah Mohamed was considering her higher education options she thought about attending a four-year school, then thought otherwise. “I discovered it’s a really smart choice to go to OCC instead of going somewhere else and paying so much more. This was the smart way to get the most out of my money.”

Maysarah is a native of Egypt who arrived in Central New York with her mother and sister in time to enter 8th grade. She had started learning English in kindergarten so her transition in school was relatively easy. It took her a little longer to adjust to the weather. “I remember the first day I saw snow. I stood at the window for an hour watching it. I was fascinated! After two days I was like, ‘when is this going to be over?’”

While a student at the Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central, Maysarah came to the OCC campus and earned 12 credits in English, Biology and Psychology. In the fall of 2017 she became a Mathematics & Science major with a specialization in Biology. She is also in the Honors program.

Maysarah is an officer in the College’s chapter of international honor society Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) where she serves as Vice President for Scholarship. “I love PTK. I’ve gotten so many opportunities. I’ve gone to conferences. I’m part of the leadership team. I love the environment. I’ve made really good friends here.”

Maysarah is on track to earn her degree in the spring of 2019. Her dream is to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Johns Hopkins University and pursue a career in science. Between now and then she plans to enjoy her time at OCC and put smiles on the faces of as many people as possible. “It’s really important in today’s world for people to be nice to each other. I enjoy complimenting people, improving their day and making them feel better about themselves.”

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