Mark Turkumani


  • Major: Criminal Justice
  • High School: Cicero-North Syracuse, class of 2016

You never know what someone is going through until you sit down and talk to them. Behind Mark Turkumani’s bright smile is the heavy load he carries with him every day. He’s a full-time student with two jobs who takes care of two ailing family members. “You do what you have to do. I stay here and go to college close to home because of family obligations.”

Turkumani lives with his father and younger brother. Five years ago his father was injured in an accident which left him with significant nerve damage on the left side of his body and unable to work. His brother was born with cancer. It’s in remission now but he still has many health-related issues.

During his senior year at Cicero-North Syracuse High School, Turkumani considered his college options and realized everything he was looking for was at OCC. “It was the most cost effective school. Why pay tens of thousands of dollars for an education when you can get the same thing here for $5,000? OCC is the smart choice. It’s the right choice.”

Turkumani is president of the College’s chapter of international honor society Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). “It’s been a great experience. PTK went from something I had to do to something I wanted to do. I’m in the PTK lounge every day because it’s my family on campus.”

Turkumani always dreamed of a career in law enforcement, making the Criminal Justice major perfect for him. He works on campus as a member of the Student Patrol with the Department of Campus Safety. “It has given me the experience I need for law enforcement with writing tickets, security and working alongside law enforcement. It reinforced in me that law enforcement is what I want to do.”

After he earns his degree this May, Turkumani will continue living with his father and brother while he pursues an Accounting degree at Le Moyne College. “My goal is to be a State Trooper or an FBI agent. The Accounting degree will help me understand how businesses operate because so much of what the FBI deals with is white collar crime, money transfers, money laundering and things like that.”

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  1. Matthew Honeywell

    I had the very fortunate ability to work with Mark, as well as, attend classes. His ability to be approached and have a conversation with anyone was a humbling experience for me. His eagerness for knowledge of the bigger picture is contagious. I have no doubt that many will be influenced by Mark, as he progresses through life.

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