Adnan Aljuboori


  • Major: Engineering Science
  • From: Iraq

Adnan Aljuboori has traveled the world and found a home at OCC. He’s a refugee from Iraq who moved to a neighboring country before coming to the United States. “Iraq was in trouble. The situation was really bad. That’s why I left home and traveled to Turkey,” he said.

Aljuboori arrived in the United States in 2011. Five years later he became a full-time student at OCC. He switched majors before finding his passion. “I chose computer science because of how much money you could make. I did well but I did not like the subject. Someone told me, ‘Do what you love and the money will follow.’ So now I am doing what I love.” Aljuboori enrolled in the Engineering Science major and is pursuing his dream of becoming a civil engineer.

During his time at OCC he has helped make campus a better and safer environment for all students. He has served as a member of both the Diversity Council and the Student Conversation Circles about Race, Gender, Religion, Economic Status and Sexual Orientation.

Aljuboori became a United States citizen in January 2017. This May he’ll achieve another milestone when he earns his college degree. He plans to transfer to either Syracuse University or Cornell University.

Aljuboori credits three people with playing critical roles in his success: College President Dr. Casey Crabill, her Executive Assistant Julie Hart and Chief Diversity Officer Eunice Williams. “Dr. Crabill always believed in me and supported me. Ms. Hart always supported, helped and motivated me. Professor Williams was always available for me. Any time I needed anything I could talk to her, she would listen to me and tell me where I could go for help. It’s very important to have people who can help you. To make relationships like that, to learn from their experience and have them guide you is invaluable.”

See how Adnan’s story could be your own!

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