Calli Giron

  • Major: Criminal Justice
  • High School: Chandler in Arizona, class of 2015

Being an officer in the Student Association has enriched Calli Giron’s OCC experience. “It’s helped me get more involved in the school, meet more students and connect with them. I’m also seeing how the school is being run from a different perspective.”

Officers in the Student Association help shape campus policy, represent students in meetings across campus and oversee student programming. Officers pick up valuable experience and attend OCC tuition-free.

Giron recently had the opportunity to explain the impact officers have during a conversation with fellow students. “I was in the cafeteria and someone started talking about possibly being part of the Student Association. I let her know she was in the right place at the right time and being an officer is a good thing.”

Calli and her twin sister Cassie came to OCC after graduating from Chandler High School in Chandler, Arizona. Cassie is a Hospitality Management major, Giron is focused on Criminal Justice. “I love my Criminal Justice classes. Instead of lecturing all of the time it’s more of a discussion. The professors have experience as police officers. They are really passionate and can give real-life examples about certain situations.”

Giron will earn her degree in May 2019. Her goal is to become a police officer, then a detective. In the mean time she’s enjoyed her time on the Student Association so much she plans to be an officer again next year. If you are interested in becoming a student officer, visit the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement in room G114 of the Gordon Student Center and pick up an application form.

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