Playing the Buckets

Five-gallon buckets from Lowe’s never sounded so good!

Professor Rob Bridge

OCC Music Department Chair and Percussion Professor Rob Bridge taught 8th grade students how to “play the bucket” during a visit to J.T. Roberts PreK-8 School.

The class began with Bridge and Meredith Cantor Feller, OCC’s Interim Dean of Visual, Performing & Applied Arts passing out donated buckets and drumsticks to students. Bridge demonstrated to students the range of sounds a bucket could make depending on where it was struck. The remaining class time was spent working on a variety of musical numbers. The student’s instructor throughout the year, Paul Goodness, participated in the session with the class.

You can view video of the class playing the buckets here!

The visit was the product of a partnership between Roberts and OCC aimed at helping students start thinking about career opportunities and higher education at a younger age. The College has similar partnerships with McKinley-Brighton Elementary and Meachem Elementary schools, all of which are in the Syracuse City School District.

OCC was would like to give a special “thank you” to Lowe’s for donating the buckets and Vic Firth for donating the Zildjian drumsticks.


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